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The Benefits of
RMP Rubber Mulch:

  Made from 100% recycled tires
  99.99% metal-free Playground
  Environmentally safe
  Non-toxic & non-staining
  Will not attract insects
  Soft on children's hands and knees
  Will not cause splinters
  Excellent drainage characteristics
  Heavier/More durable than wood mulch
  Will not float or blow away
  Protects against mosquito nesting

Cash & carry individual bag warehouse sales

For non-commercial purposes we highly recommend individual bags on a pallet as opposed to a Super Sack on a pallet due to the immobility of the Super Sacks

Bags on Pallet/Super Sack
Bags on PalletsSuper Sack

RMP Recycled Rubber Mulch

Rubber Mulch Products Inc. of Orlando Florida now offers a variety of rubber mulch products that will allow you to spend more time enjoying your LANDSCAPE, PLAYGROUND, EQUESTRIAN or ATHLETIC surfaces and less time maintaining them. Learn more about the value, beauty, and safety of our Landscape Rubber Mulch, Playground Rubber Mulch and Equestrian Rubber Mulch recycled rubber mulch products.

recycled rubber mulch and rubber lawn & garden mulchThe popularity of recycled rubber mulch products has increased dramatically since their introduction years ago. Their unique characteristics have helped them gain broad market acceptance from both individual homeowners and commercial users big and small.

Increased demand has attracted new suppliers so, BEWARE ! All manufacturers of these products are not created equal. Rubber Mulch Products Inc and its affiliates have decades of experience which sets us apart from our competitors in five special ways:

  • We provide consistent high quality in our products
  • We design our products to meet or exceed the highest safety standards
  • We give our customers the best value for their dollar
  • We provide several convenient methods of purchase and delivery
  • We store our products indoors in our 5 bay super-size warehouse
  • We provide same day pick-ups and next day shipments

We also carry:

  • borders
  • swing mats
  • weed barriers
  • interlocking tiles

Wholesale Prices Direct to the Public!

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