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Florida Landscape & Playground Rubber Mulch

RMP Rubber Playground Mulch comes with an Industry best 12 Year (50% Color Loss) Replacement Warranty and is available in nine vibrant colors:

Boston Brown Rubber Mulch
Dark Brown
Pearl Black Rubber Mulch
Light Brown Rubber Mulch
California Red Rubber Mulch
Grass Green Rubber Mulch
Caribbean Blue Rubber Mulch
Silver Rubber Mulch
Camouflage Blend Rubber Mulch
Natural Black Rubber Mulch
American Society For Testing and Materials

RMP Rubber Playground Mulch

Unlike traditional products made from recycled tires, RMP's Playground Mulch is 99% metal-free thanks to our innovative, multi-step process that removes all of the metal wire used in the manufacturing of tires. Our unique process makes RMP the safest backyard playground surface on the market.

There is a reason that schools, day-care facilities and church playgrounds throughout North America choose RMP playground surfacing. It offers the extra margin of safety and greater peace of mind that organizations entrusted with the safety of children are looking for.


RMP Playground Mulch is a colorful clean alternative to traditional playground surfaces, with remarkably good drainage characteristics. It's safer than sand but is much softer on little knees and unlike wood mulch, it lasts much longer and holds its vibrant color. RMP Playground Mulch will not cause splinters, attract insects or animals and it will not stain children's clothing.

Safety First: Rubber Mulch Products provides the extra margin of safety and offers purchasers a greater peace of mind by making the playground not only a fun place, but also a safe place. Rubber Mulch absorbs shock better than sand, wood mulch or pour-in-place surfaces which should result in fewer injuries due to falling. Our Playground Mulch is IPEMA and ADA certified at 6" depth!

Our playground mulch is offered in 2 different ways, individually bagged or in Super Sacks. For Residential installations we highly recommend individual bags as opposed to sacks for ease of maneuvering.

For Federal Safety Guidelines CLICK HERE to see The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission web Site

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